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A new approach to street food cuisine


The Nami concept was born from our passion to offer a new and fresh approach to street food. Our aim is to introduce something new, while reshaping the image of Greek cuisine by adding new and modern cooking techniques

A fast-food style project which follows all the best principles of a restaurant kitchen. Most importantly we don’t use any traditional fast food industrialised products

In Nami’s kitchen everything is prepared from fresh by our chefs. High quality products, carefully selected and handled with passion, care and love. Our aim is to offer an alternative to diners, focusing on quality and unique flavours

We understand that sometimes in order to be fast you need to compromise but for Nami we are only  interested in the total satisfaction of our guests and do this by not compromising on freshness and quality 

We follow the principles of the slow food movement.  Slow food is not food that takes forever to get to the table, it is a concept of dining that combines whole foods that are locally grown based on the principle of high quality and taste. Dishes made with the wellbeing of the body and soul is at the heart of our concept, for example, we combine handmade pitta breads and bao buns stuffed falafel or with slow smoked meat or with fresh vegetables and homemade traditional sauces.

Making Naan
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